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Friday, August 05, 2011

Gundog Wins Five Stars with James Halliday!

James Halliday is regarded as Australia‘s leading authority on wine. His annual publication, the Wine Companion, is the best-selling ―Bible of Australian Wine. In just our second year of submitting wines, we were delighted to discover our 5 STAR winery rating in in 2012 edition, released on the 27th of July. This rating places Gundog Estate alongside Australia‘s best and most sought-after wineries, and is arguably the greatest recognition for hard work that we could hope for!

Of the wines reviewed, Halliday‘s favourite was the 2010 Hunter’s Semillon, to which he awarded 95 points. Here are his tasting notes:

“Pale quartz-green; made from grapes grown on the steep slopes of Mountview; a typical young semillon bouquet, but explosively intense (I want to say luscious, but you can't use that expression with semillon) on the juicy, ripe citrus palate. Gold medal Australian Small Winemakers Show.”

We have just about sold out of this vintage, so for those fortunate enough to still have a bottle or two, enjoy!


New Release—2011 Gundog Estate Rosé

August sees the release of the highly antici-pated sequel to the trophy winning 2010 Gun-dog Estate Rosé. There is no doubt the 2010 vintage touched the hearts of wine show judges and wine lovers alike, selling out in record time with a staggering collection of medals. The 2010 vintage was characterised by painfully low yields resulting in deep col-our and rich flavours.

Though as is often the case, the following year bore little resemblance; a wet growing season, cold weather and extended ripening period. Sounds more challenging, and it was. However, as I continually look to evolve the style of our wines, and in the case of the Rosé, move closer in style to the wines of Southern France, these vintage conditions presented us with a unique opportunity. The longer ripening season and cooler conditions meant the tannin and anthocyanins were lower in concentration, meaning we could work a little harder in the winery to build flavour and aroma without the risk of over-extraction.

The result is the freshly bottled 2011 Gundog Estate Rosé—lighter in colour and body han the 2010, but showing amazing flavour concentration and a wonderfully linear, acid driven palate that finishes dry and crisp. This is the style of Rosé I love to drink, and is probably the example I am most proud of. Due to the restrained nature of the wine, I dont think it will have the same impact in the wine shows as last vintage, but I am confident wine journalists and drinkers will love it!



2010 Marksman’s—The Gundog Flagship Shiraz Awaits Release

The greatest single hallmark of the 2010 vin-tage was the low yields. Where we would usually crop at 3 tons per acre, we experienced yields closer to 1.5 tons. This meant the vine was putting all it‘s energy into half as much fruit, leading to huge flavour and tannin concentration. This is particularly desirable in Shiraz. In the winery, it was immediately ap-parent that the freshly harvested Shiraz from 2010 was special—perhaps a one in five season, maybe one in ten. During the following 12 months maturation in French oak barrels, it also occurred to me that this was quite possibly the best Shiraz I had ever made.

Now in bottle, I am certain this wine will set a historic benchmark for red wine quality at Gundog Estate. To distinguish this special vintage, we have bottled the strictly limited blend (150 dozen) under our flagship ban-ner as the Marksman’s Shiraz; highlighting precision and excellence. This is an amazingly focussed and com-plex wine that we expect to age well over next 15 years. The wine will be released in Spring at $50 per bottle ($40 for Cellar Club Members). Guests to our Members Dinner in September will be the first to try it! See below for more information about the event.



Gundog Member’s Dinner —Glass Brasserie at the Hilton, Sydney

We are calling for expressions of interest in a Gundog Member‘s Dinner at Glass Brasserie. For those who are unfamiliar with the restaurant, it is regarded as one of Sydney‘s best, and under Chef Luke Mangan, is producing some of the city‘s most exciting food. We are looking at holding this exclusive event on Wednesday the 14th of September. The dinner will feature five courses, with each dish paired to a wine from Gundog Estate, and another from France. The French wines will represent those that have given us much of the inspiration for the styles we are pursuing at Gundog, and tyring them side by side will give guests an amazing insight into our ambitions and winemaking philosophies.

Numbers are strictly limited to 30 guests and tickets to the event will be $150 per person which will include drinks on arrival, the five course dinner, and 10 wines. Invitations will be sent shortly. For enquiries or reservations please email Matt— winemaker@gundogestate.com.au.


“Hello and Goodbye” to the Revolutionary 2011 Gundog Wild Semillon

It seems like just yesterday we opened our doors at the Hunter Cellar, and welcomed visitors with a glass of our exciting 2011 Wild Semillon. My experiment with natural yeast and fermentation on skins had never been done before in the Hunter, and it certainly got people talking around the valley; but more importantly, it separated Gundog from the pack, and was a big draw card for many of our wonderful new Cellar Club Members. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and that time is now for this vintage of the Wild Semillon. As I write this, we are packing up the last few dozen to hold in the cellar and share with members at special functions in the years ahead.

To those who have fallen in love with the Wild Semillon, ―thank you and please don‘t despair as the next vintage in the Hunter is only a few months away! In memory of the 2011 Wild Semillon, we have put together a couple of snipets from two highly-regarded wine writers:

“The people at Gundog could be onto something big with this experimental vintage that pushes the boundaries of Semillon making...” Kerry Skinner, Quench 2011.
“...This is something new again: it’s off dry, with barely noticeable sweetness—just enough there to give it a real lift and freshness—and the use of wild yeasts. The result speaks for itself. It’s beautifully easy drinking yet holds more than enough interest for the hard core wine drinker. I’m told it’s marching out the cellar door (which is delightful). I’m not surprised. Love it.” Rick Allen, Manly Daily 2011.



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